Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nothing to Worry about

There are only two things in life that are worth worrying about; whether you'll be healthy or whether you'll get sick.

If you're healthy there's really nothing to worry about, If you get sick there's still only two things worth worrying about, whether you'll get better or whether you'll die.

If you get better there's really nothing to worry about, If you die there's still only two things worth worrying about, whether you'll go to heaven or whether you'll go to hell.

If you go to heaven there's really nothing to worry about and If you go the hell you'll be so dam busy shaking hands with old friends you won't have time to worry.

So enjoy life my friend!!!

Because as long as you have old friends like me.

You really don't have anything to worry about.

Love Always
Forever Peace

Old Friend


Sunday, February 15, 2009


She looked dirty and mean one hell of a sight.

As I walked into her room last night.

Moving up slowly to be by her side,

I knew by her look I'd offended her pride.

So many months since we've been together,

Seeing her now it seemed like forever.

Touching her seat so soft and smooth,

She started to warm up to my every move.

Rubbing her legs one at a time,

I knew deep inside that she'd always be mine.

Pulling her gently, I stood her up straight,

Both of us knowing, we just couldn't wait.

Climbing on her, I whispered with pride,

Now and forever, I'll be by you're side.

I knew all the right buttons to push,

To make all her juices flow in a rush.

Pushing it harder she started to growl,

Ramming it home, she started to howl.

Hitting the pavement, I let out a yell,

Thank God for summer, winter is Hell!!!

Love Always
Forever Peace


It’s about a motor cycle
Shame on you 

A Mother and her Son

To My Son

My hands were busy through the day; I didn't have much time to play .
The little games you asked me to, I didn't have much time for you.
I'd wash your clothes I'd sew and cook, but when you'd bring your picture book.
And ask me please to share your fun, I'd say: "A little later son.

I'd tuck you in all safe at night, and hear your prayers, turn out the light.
Then tiptoe softly to the door, I wish I'd stayed a minute more.
For life is short, the years rush past, a little boy grows up so fast.
No longer is he at your side, his precious secrets to confide.

The picture books are put away; there ore no longer games to play.
No good night kiss, no prayers to hear, that all belongs to yesteryear.
My hands, once busy, now are still, the days are long and hard to fill.
I wish I could go back and do the little things you asked me to.


To Mom

Your hands were busy through the day; you didn't have the time to play.
You'd wash my clothes you'd sew and cook; I never knew the time it took.
My picture book I'd bring to you, you'd say there's just too much to do.
I'd ask you please to share my fun; you'd say a little later son.

You'd tuck me in to bed at night; I'd have a dream be scared with fright.
Then run to you climb in your bed, you'd hold me close and pat my head.
You never think when you are young; you’re much too busy having fun.
I never understood you see, those things you did were just for me.

Life is short the years run past; I never knew I'd grow up so fast.
No longer am I at your side, a little guy so full of pride.
The picture book now put away, there are no longer games to play.
No good night kisses or dreams of fear, that all belongs to yesteryear.

I'm grown up now with a family too, it's hard to find the time for you.
I hope you'll try to understand, when I'm not there to hold your hand.
The reasons not that I don't care; the time it seems is just not there.
Remember this when I'm away, I love you mom, more each day.

Love Always
Forever Peace


A Special Friend

When he was just a little boy, his Mother said to him one day.
He would never know how close she came, to giving him away.
Feeling so meek and feeble, with little tear drops in his eyes.
He stood up tall with hands on hips and boldly asks her why.

Don't look so sad she said to him, it's really not all that bad.
Your Aunt wanted a boy like you, the son she’d never had.
The two of them had made a pact, that on that special day.
If the newborn were a boy, he'd go home with her to stay.

Now on that special day it seams’s, his mother broke her word.
To let her newborn baby go must have seemed to her absurd.
She cared for him and cherished him, and showed him off with pride.
Never once regretting the pact she'd broke, she'd kept him by her side.

As time moved on the boy grew strong, and he just seemed to know.
That every year about this time, off to his Aunt Nora's he would go.
The summer's that he'd spend with her, full of laughter love and fun.
Had formed a bond between the two of them, like a mother and a son.

They laughed and played through the day, she'd tuck him in at night.
She'd spank his bottom when he was bad, then hug him oh so tight.
The little boy's grown up now, no summers left for him to spend.
With his Aunt Nora, his second Mom, a very special friend.

Love Always
Forever Peace


I wrote this for my aunt Nora who I loved like a mother!

A Birthday Wish for a Princess

I've referred to you as a princess I truly hope that you won't mind.
For there's no better word you see for someone that's so sweet and kind.
It could be that cute smile you have so pleasant and so sweet.
That brings such joy and happiness to everyone that you meet.
If everyone in this whole wide world had your charm and grace.
I'm sure that they would all agree it would be a far better place.

Your birthday comes but once a year and this will be your 25th.
So for a very special Princess I’ll have to find a very special gift.
Nothing that's too big and balky and I don't want it to be too small.
But it has to be a very special gift the most special of them all.
You have more love than anyone and more than enough affection.
There isn't a single thing you need to complete your Elvis collection.

I thought about calling John Stamos so he could sing a song for you.
But then Greg would probably get jealous and that would never do.
I could hold you ever so gently in my arms and smother you with a kiss.
That would be a very special gift but it would probably upset Chris.
We could go parting with your Grandma that would be lots of fun.
Only when it can time to take you home I'd have to deal with your mom.

Now I think I've found the answer it came to me late last night.
It's really kind of wonderful and I hope you'll think I'm right.
You won't be able to hold it and it would be kind of hard to see.
For this very special gift I've found is just for you from me.
It's a present that suit's a Princess a special present just for you.
It's a Wish for joy and happiness to last your whole life through.

Love Always
Forever Peace


The Inside You

It's you that I love my darling

I loved “you” when you were in the body of youth.
I loved “you” when you were in the body of motherhood.
I loved “you” when you were in the body of maturity and Grace.
I will still love “you” long after your body no longer exists.
It’s “You” I love my darling, the inside “You”

Love Always
Forever Peace


My Little Princess

I watched my life rush past me I hadn’t felt this way in years.
As I held her in my arms as my eye’s filled up with tears.
The Warm feeling I was having way down deep inside.
Were tearing me apart as my heart filled up with pride.

Looking down at my daughter as she lay in that hospital bed.
The day of her own birth started rushing through my head.
So pretty and so perfect oh so wonderful and she’s all mine.
She’ll always be my little princess until the end of time.

As my little girl looked up at me a smile from ear to ear.
She wisped ever so softly so that only I could hear.
I knew that you’d be happy I knew that you’d be glad.
I know that all little girls are very special to you dad.

As I looked down at my daughter as I looked at her little girl.
My head started spinning my thoughts all in a whirl.
How do I tell her how I feel Oh what am I go do?
How do I explain to her that little girls my princess too!

As I hold my new granddaughter oh so gently in my arms.
It came to me that both of them have very special charms.
One a new born baby a very special little princess you see?
And One a young mother who will always be a princess to me.

As I sit here rocking her in my arms the days they drift on by.
Most days’ she’s oh so happy and on other days she’ll cry.
As I sit here, as I wonder that I’ve sat here once before.
Holding a little princess and then I start to sing once more.

Oh so pretty and so perfect oh so wonderful and oh so grand.
As I count each little finger on each of her little hands.
A cute little dimple on each cheek and such a pudgy little nose.
As I count ten little fingers and then I count ten little toes.

I think of all the good times and all the fun we’ve had.
Some were up and some were down some happy and some sad.
As my two little girls look up at me with their beautiful little smile
I can’t help thinking to my self, my life has been all worthwhile.

Love Always
Forever Peace


To My Son

When I was young I use to play, high on life, throughout the day.
Then in my teens they came to me, with beer and drugs and smokes for free
I stood up tall, as I would say; I didn't need those things to play.
And on the days there was no fun, they'd plead with me to try just one.
I'd tell them plain as it could be; their artificial fun was just not for me. If you want to be like all the rest, then go ahead and be my guest.

Then on the day I lost my dad, when I was down and feeling sad. They came to me with sympathy; they said they really cared for me. Try this once it's not so bad, it will help you forget your dad.
They were right it worked just fine; it erased the sorrows from my mind. This all seemed so really great to me, to be able to escape reality.
Now whenever I get sad, I'll get high it's not that bad.

The day’s float by the years run past, my minds turned fogy lost in grass. The alcohol has turned me mad; I've lost the friends that I once had.
It seams to me when I was young, they told me this would all be fun. How to explain so that you will know, that there's a better way to go. Except your sorrows and deal with your past, life moves by way to fast. Stand up straight when in a crowd, your one of a kind so stand up proud.

The beer and drugs there still there, the friends that say they really care.
If they are truly friends you know, they will accept your natural glow. You'll have fun that's meant to be, by living your life clean and free.
If you can leave the artificial fun behind, I'm sure in time that you will find.
Sorrows that were meant to be will fade with time just naturally.
So get high on life and have your fun, and make me proud that your my son
Love Always
Forever Peace


When One has worked hard all one's life

When one has worked hard all one’s life and now one has retired and one is in
better financial shape now than one has ever been in one’s life.

Yet one’s financial advisor say's that one doesn't have any money to spend?

One has to understand that, one doesn't owe any money to anyone.

So instead of one having creditors at ones door, now one has someone calling one up on
one’s phone or someone sending one e-mails or someone mailing one offers in the mail.

Every one of them, trying to give one, more money to spend!

Yet one’s financial advisor say's one doesn't need any of their money to spend because
One has one’s own money?

One is very, very, confused!!!!!

For one; what is the purpose of one having more money if one never has enough to spend?

For another one; doe's one ever have enough money so that one has enough money to spend?

For another one; who will be the one that ends up with the money that one doesn’t spend?

For another one; who ever the one is that ends up with the money that one doesn't spend.

Will that someone spend one’s money?


Will that someone keep it, so that someone, can give it to someone else not to spend?

To add one more to one’s confusion:

When one owed all the money one had. One had more money for one to spend!

And on one final note:

One thinks that if someone is going to spend the money that one doesn't have enough of yet to spend.

Then one thinks that, that someone, should be, One’s Self !

Love Always
Forever Peace

I don't want you to die Grandpa

How do I describe the most important part of life to you my darling?

With out death little princess there is no life. Everything that lives die’s this is the way of things, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the bee’s, the animals and yes humans to.

When I was very young, my father’s heart stopped and his body stopped functioning. When they told me of my father’s death, I couldn’t believe it! He was there I saw him just hours ago. I could still see my fathers face in my mind he couldn’t be dead he couldn’t!

I got my hat and coat and I went out for a walk, I needed to be by my self so I could work this out my self. While I was walking I was talking to my father it was like he was still there walking beside me, I could see him I could feel his love and I could feel the closeness and the love inside me that I felt for him.

As we walked along, I told Dad that I couldn’t handle this I was too young to take care of my mother and my sister. Dad just laughed and said; my son you can do what ever you want to do in this world if you try. And then he said something very important to me that helped me through the rest of my life.

Now you my say I’m crazy because my fathers body was no longer able to function in this world and was no longer here with us, but I’m telling you as we walked along I could still see him as if he was right there beside me.

As we walked along he looked into my eyes as he said to me; Son my body has failed me and it is time for me to go, but my love and the love we shared together can live on in you and as long as you keep that love inside your heart I will be with you always to watch over you and to help you as you travel through life

Through the years I have kept my father alive inside me, I can still see his face and I can still hear his laughter, I can still see him dancing with a baby in his arms. I remember his views, his laughter and his love.

Now when ever I make a decision in life Dad is right there with me. I knew how Dad felt and he would not be proud of me if I was doing something wrong to some one else. So I tried to live my life so that he would always be proud of me.

So you see little princess it’s the body that dies not the person inside, the person inside will live on forever as long as there is someone to keep them inside their heart and keep their love alive.

So when my body stops working and it is time for me to move on. Then I will join my father and we will both live inside of you, your mother, your father, your brother and your Grandma to.

As life moves on and as you grow as a young women, I will be there inside your heart, I will be there when you laugh I will be there when you cry I will be there to comfort you when you need someone to talk to. I will be inside you in that special place we keep all the love we feel for each other.

You will have children and they will have children and you will grow old and become a Grandmother your self. And then one day your body will get to old to work anymore and it will stop functioning and then you too will move on to be with me and my father and we will live on in the hearts of your children and your grandchildren.

So you see little princess, Grandpa will never really die, my body will stop working one day because that is the way of things.

But Grandpas love, his laughter and all the memories you have of your Grandpa will live on inside you until one day when it is time and your body no longer can keep going and your body stops working and you move on.

The inside you the love and the warmth that has been pasted on to you from all the generations before you will all be joined again as one big family.

Living on forever in the hearts of our children.

I love you little princess



What is Love Daddy

What is love daddy, answer me please, when I fall in love daddy will I skin my knees?

How can I explain something to you that poets and scholars have failed to do?

If love is blind daddy then could it be, that I will need glasses to help me see?

The way we use love may seem absurd, but when you think about it, loves just a word.

If love can't be seen daddy and love can't be bought, how will I know how much love that I've got?

Love is a feeling you get deep inside, for things that you cherish and care for with pride.

If you can't touch love daddy and love has no smell, then when I find love how will I tell?

When you find true love take it from me, you don't hold it down you' just set it free.

Please tell me daddy, for I need to know, when you find love can you just let it go?

If it’ is true love I think you will find, it will come back to you, if you just give it time.

When I am lovesick daddy and feeling so low, then is it to a doctor that I must go?

Loves as strong as iron so that it can endure if you try to bend love you'll lose it for sure.

You love mummy, that's what you said, then why do you two wrestle when you go to bed?

Love can be whatever you want it to be you can make love what ever you want don't you see.

If I love those jeans that fit me just right, then should I take them to bed with me at night?

There are many kinds of love my dear, if we go through them all it could take us a year.

Well if I love the dog or even my cat, do I hug them or pet them answer me that?

Love is as fragile as glass my dear; if you handle it gently it will last through the years.

I think love must be the feeling I get deep inside when you hug me and kiss and hold me with pride.

Yes little princess you've got it just right, now jump into bed, I love you, good night.

Love Always
Forever Peace