Sunday, February 15, 2009

To My Son

When I was young I use to play, high on life, throughout the day.
Then in my teens they came to me, with beer and drugs and smokes for free
I stood up tall, as I would say; I didn't need those things to play.
And on the days there was no fun, they'd plead with me to try just one.
I'd tell them plain as it could be; their artificial fun was just not for me. If you want to be like all the rest, then go ahead and be my guest.

Then on the day I lost my dad, when I was down and feeling sad. They came to me with sympathy; they said they really cared for me. Try this once it's not so bad, it will help you forget your dad.
They were right it worked just fine; it erased the sorrows from my mind. This all seemed so really great to me, to be able to escape reality.
Now whenever I get sad, I'll get high it's not that bad.

The day’s float by the years run past, my minds turned fogy lost in grass. The alcohol has turned me mad; I've lost the friends that I once had.
It seams to me when I was young, they told me this would all be fun. How to explain so that you will know, that there's a better way to go. Except your sorrows and deal with your past, life moves by way to fast. Stand up straight when in a crowd, your one of a kind so stand up proud.

The beer and drugs there still there, the friends that say they really care.
If they are truly friends you know, they will accept your natural glow. You'll have fun that's meant to be, by living your life clean and free.
If you can leave the artificial fun behind, I'm sure in time that you will find.
Sorrows that were meant to be will fade with time just naturally.
So get high on life and have your fun, and make me proud that your my son
Love Always
Forever Peace


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