Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Birthday Wish for a Princess

I've referred to you as a princess I truly hope that you won't mind.
For there's no better word you see for someone that's so sweet and kind.
It could be that cute smile you have so pleasant and so sweet.
That brings such joy and happiness to everyone that you meet.
If everyone in this whole wide world had your charm and grace.
I'm sure that they would all agree it would be a far better place.

Your birthday comes but once a year and this will be your 25th.
So for a very special Princess I’ll have to find a very special gift.
Nothing that's too big and balky and I don't want it to be too small.
But it has to be a very special gift the most special of them all.
You have more love than anyone and more than enough affection.
There isn't a single thing you need to complete your Elvis collection.

I thought about calling John Stamos so he could sing a song for you.
But then Greg would probably get jealous and that would never do.
I could hold you ever so gently in my arms and smother you with a kiss.
That would be a very special gift but it would probably upset Chris.
We could go parting with your Grandma that would be lots of fun.
Only when it can time to take you home I'd have to deal with your mom.

Now I think I've found the answer it came to me late last night.
It's really kind of wonderful and I hope you'll think I'm right.
You won't be able to hold it and it would be kind of hard to see.
For this very special gift I've found is just for you from me.
It's a present that suit's a Princess a special present just for you.
It's a Wish for joy and happiness to last your whole life through.

Love Always
Forever Peace


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