Sunday, February 15, 2009


She looked dirty and mean one hell of a sight.

As I walked into her room last night.

Moving up slowly to be by her side,

I knew by her look I'd offended her pride.

So many months since we've been together,

Seeing her now it seemed like forever.

Touching her seat so soft and smooth,

She started to warm up to my every move.

Rubbing her legs one at a time,

I knew deep inside that she'd always be mine.

Pulling her gently, I stood her up straight,

Both of us knowing, we just couldn't wait.

Climbing on her, I whispered with pride,

Now and forever, I'll be by you're side.

I knew all the right buttons to push,

To make all her juices flow in a rush.

Pushing it harder she started to growl,

Ramming it home, she started to howl.

Hitting the pavement, I let out a yell,

Thank God for summer, winter is Hell!!!

Love Always
Forever Peace


It’s about a motor cycle
Shame on you 

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