Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is Love Daddy

What is love daddy, answer me please, when I fall in love daddy will I skin my knees?

How can I explain something to you that poets and scholars have failed to do?

If love is blind daddy then could it be, that I will need glasses to help me see?

The way we use love may seem absurd, but when you think about it, loves just a word.

If love can't be seen daddy and love can't be bought, how will I know how much love that I've got?

Love is a feeling you get deep inside, for things that you cherish and care for with pride.

If you can't touch love daddy and love has no smell, then when I find love how will I tell?

When you find true love take it from me, you don't hold it down you' just set it free.

Please tell me daddy, for I need to know, when you find love can you just let it go?

If it’ is true love I think you will find, it will come back to you, if you just give it time.

When I am lovesick daddy and feeling so low, then is it to a doctor that I must go?

Loves as strong as iron so that it can endure if you try to bend love you'll lose it for sure.

You love mummy, that's what you said, then why do you two wrestle when you go to bed?

Love can be whatever you want it to be you can make love what ever you want don't you see.

If I love those jeans that fit me just right, then should I take them to bed with me at night?

There are many kinds of love my dear, if we go through them all it could take us a year.

Well if I love the dog or even my cat, do I hug them or pet them answer me that?

Love is as fragile as glass my dear; if you handle it gently it will last through the years.

I think love must be the feeling I get deep inside when you hug me and kiss and hold me with pride.

Yes little princess you've got it just right, now jump into bed, I love you, good night.

Love Always
Forever Peace


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