Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Special Friend

When he was just a little boy, his Mother said to him one day.
He would never know how close she came, to giving him away.
Feeling so meek and feeble, with little tear drops in his eyes.
He stood up tall with hands on hips and boldly asks her why.

Don't look so sad she said to him, it's really not all that bad.
Your Aunt wanted a boy like you, the son she’d never had.
The two of them had made a pact, that on that special day.
If the newborn were a boy, he'd go home with her to stay.

Now on that special day it seams’s, his mother broke her word.
To let her newborn baby go must have seemed to her absurd.
She cared for him and cherished him, and showed him off with pride.
Never once regretting the pact she'd broke, she'd kept him by her side.

As time moved on the boy grew strong, and he just seemed to know.
That every year about this time, off to his Aunt Nora's he would go.
The summer's that he'd spend with her, full of laughter love and fun.
Had formed a bond between the two of them, like a mother and a son.

They laughed and played through the day, she'd tuck him in at night.
She'd spank his bottom when he was bad, then hug him oh so tight.
The little boy's grown up now, no summers left for him to spend.
With his Aunt Nora, his second Mom, a very special friend.

Love Always
Forever Peace


I wrote this for my aunt Nora who I loved like a mother!

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