Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Little Princess

I watched my life rush past me I hadn’t felt this way in years.
As I held her in my arms as my eye’s filled up with tears.
The Warm feeling I was having way down deep inside.
Were tearing me apart as my heart filled up with pride.

Looking down at my daughter as she lay in that hospital bed.
The day of her own birth started rushing through my head.
So pretty and so perfect oh so wonderful and she’s all mine.
She’ll always be my little princess until the end of time.

As my little girl looked up at me a smile from ear to ear.
She wisped ever so softly so that only I could hear.
I knew that you’d be happy I knew that you’d be glad.
I know that all little girls are very special to you dad.

As I looked down at my daughter as I looked at her little girl.
My head started spinning my thoughts all in a whirl.
How do I tell her how I feel Oh what am I go do?
How do I explain to her that little girls my princess too!

As I hold my new granddaughter oh so gently in my arms.
It came to me that both of them have very special charms.
One a new born baby a very special little princess you see?
And One a young mother who will always be a princess to me.

As I sit here rocking her in my arms the days they drift on by.
Most days’ she’s oh so happy and on other days she’ll cry.
As I sit here, as I wonder that I’ve sat here once before.
Holding a little princess and then I start to sing once more.

Oh so pretty and so perfect oh so wonderful and oh so grand.
As I count each little finger on each of her little hands.
A cute little dimple on each cheek and such a pudgy little nose.
As I count ten little fingers and then I count ten little toes.

I think of all the good times and all the fun we’ve had.
Some were up and some were down some happy and some sad.
As my two little girls look up at me with their beautiful little smile
I can’t help thinking to my self, my life has been all worthwhile.

Love Always
Forever Peace


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