Monday, December 26, 2005

Thanks For the Good Times

Happy Birthday my Friend

I didn’t know what to get for you, because you’re so dam hard to please.
It seems like I get in trouble every time I turn around, even when I sneeze.

It would have to be a special gift, something with lots of class.
Something that is just for you, something that will last.

It would have to be as strong a steal, something that will never break.
It would have to be something just for you, something no one else could take.

A special gift from me to you, a gift that can’t be returned.
Something from the two of us, from all the things we’ve learned.

I give you all our memories Jim, all the laughter and all the fun.
I would like to stick around for more, but I really have to run.

You don’t have to open it, just keep it deep inside.
I’ll keep mine inside of me and cherish them with pride.

For birthdays are our life you see, and every year at this time.
Where ever the roads have taken me, you’ll be on my mind.

Take this gift I give to you, were ever you may be.
Think of all the fun we had, when you think of me.

Love Always
Forever Peace
Old Friend

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