Monday, December 26, 2005

Is There a Santa Clause?

Is There A Santa Clause?

Is There a Santa Clause?

Come sit with me a moment, climb up here by my side.
After you listen to my story, maybe then you can decide.
Once upon a cold winters night, not so very long ago.
Your Mom and I were walking, leaving footprints in the snow.

Hand in hand we walked along, admiring all the Christmas lights.
Suddenly she fell to her knees, her eyes all filled with fright.
She said she didn't feel so well, all dizzy and kind of numb.
So I picked her up into my arms, as I did my best to run

The Doctor said it was a virus, just a bug that's in the air.
There was nothing he could do, for there was nothing to repair.
As she lay upon that hospital bed, so pail and oh so white.
I prayed to all the Gods above, that she would be all right.

This may not seem so strange to you, but it certainly was for me.
For I never did believe you see, in something I could not see
There was no answer from above, to me this was no surprise
For when you stop believing in miracles, is when all the magic dies.

You may not remember any of this, for you where so very young.
But this would be the very first Christmas, spent without your Mom.
Your brother stayed at Grandma's and I left you at your aunt Em's.
I needed some time to be by myself, with no family and no friend's.

Sitting all alone each night, with no presents beneath the tree.
What could I do to make things right, and then it came to me.
If Santa Clause is not a myth, if he's real when you believe.
Then I'll ask Santa for his help, upon this Christmas Eve.

Dear Santa is how I started it and this is how it read.
No present’s do I want this year, it's your help I need instead.
It's a special gift I need you see, that maybe only you can give.
It's a simple thing, it's for my wife, she needs the will to live.

As I got up on Christmas morn, everything seemed just right
It's the first time in many days, I've slept all through the night.
The stockings hung there empty, no gifts beneath the tree.
Could he have left my special gift, I couldn't wait to see.

Throwing on my hat and coat, as I stumbled across the floor.
I started running as fast as I could, as I went flying out the door.
As I stepped into her room that day, you can imagine my surprise.
When I seen the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes.

As I sat there holding her in my arms, as happy as we both could be.
I couldn't believe the very next words, that your mother said to me.
This little old man with a long white beard, had come within a dream.
He'd brought with him a gift from me, a very special gift is seams.

Now every year about this time, that twinkle will appear.
Some say it's just the winters light, or maybe just a tear.
Your mom and I will laugh and say, it's really not a trick.
It's a special gift I gave to her, delivered by old Saint Nick.

Is Santa real or make-believe? It's really not for me to say.
All I really know for sure, is that it happened just this way.
You've heard me tell my story and now it's up to you it seems.
Is Santa real or make believe or just someone in our dreams?

One World! One God! One Race!
The Human Race!!!
Standing together to make a better world,
For All Mankind!!!!

Love Always
Forever Peace



My wife had Guillian-Barr'e when my daughter was six months old, when Paula (my daughter) was about 9 years old she asked me If there was a Santa Clause, So I wrote her this poem.

Is the story in the poem true? Well...mostly..But It's been thirty two years now and my wife is still here enjoying her grandchildren every day and every year about this time you can still see that twinkle in her eye's, it could be just the lights from the tree, but...again... that would be up to you to decide!

Moral of the story: Never give up, life is to precious!!!

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