Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nikola Tesla's papers?

If Tesla had of won, the whole world would have free energy!

That's what he wanted, that was his dream. Look it up!!

And then look up who had the most to gain if he lost!

When are we going to put these crooks in Jail where they belong ?

If it was organized crime we would confiscate every thing they had and throw away the key!!!

When is enough, ENOUGH???



What happened to Nikola Tesla's papers?

They disappeared after he died

Tesla: July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943

Someone named a car after him... But other than that the average school child never hears anything about him, his life and his incredible work. Our world literally runs on his inventions. So why isn't he more famous? For one thing, Thomas Edison hated him and the Edison companies had the power to work anti-PR against him and his reputation and they did. More intriguing is the suggestion that the Pentagon far from not being able to understand his papers which they seized after he died, they not only understood what was in them, they are also using his ideas...but don't want us to know. Thus making Tesla disappear from history. However it happened, it was done. The man who invented the modern world is, for all practical purposes, unknown today.

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