Sunday, September 30, 2012

Federal horse thieves

Is there nothing Big Corporations won't do to make money?????

When are we going to put a stop to this people?????


What will the Feds think of next?

They're rounding up wild mustangs and selling them as hamburger on behalf of corporate cronies.

Federal horse thieves

Stampede to Oblivion

Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

This program "Stampede to Oblivion" was produced by A KLAS-TV8 TV station.

Good work guys!

Great reporting and great film making. So rare on television today.

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This craziness isn't just happening to horses in the United States, it's happening in Canada to!!



Today [December 2008], while catching up on this past weekend's newspapers, I was shocked to come across a front-page story about Canada's wild horses being shot for wolf bait:

Apparently the government is paying native Indians to kill wild horses so that the Ministries of Environment & Wildlife can study the feeding patterns of wolves (which won't be captured or killed) during the longer period of time it takes them to devour the large carcass of a horse. They call this killing a "cull" and justify it by saying horses compete for forage with wildlife and livestock (of which a wild horse belongs to neither, its status being classified as "feral"). But Indians opposed to feeding horses to wolves say there is no competition from horses because there is no overpopulation of horses and that if their people knew what some in the tribe were hunting, they'd be outraged.

This atrocity of throwing MAN'S BEST FRIEND to the wolves is symbolic of how our culture here in North America is being destroyed by governments conspiring with special interest groups. See WOLVES IN WOLVES' CLOTHING and LENIN BEHIND ENVIRONMENTALISM

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