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Whatever Happened To The Bill O'Reilly/Andrea Mackris Sex Scandal?

I've just about had enough of this clown trying to drag the good Doctor in the dirt!!!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about go here: O’Reilly Tries to Tie Child Molestation to Ron Paul

Bill O'Reilly's sex scandal

So lets investigate this a little farther shall we.

Lets take a closer look at (Bill O'Reilly's) own sex scandal with his female co-worker Andrea Mackris.

From: The Smoking

Based on the extensive quotations cited in the 22 page complaint, it appears some of O'Reilly's more steamy soliloquies. For example, his Caribbean Shower Fantasies (document at the bottom of this post) or the section on a Thailand sex show.

Now we all know about sex abuse of children in Thailand and about the He/She's (boys that have a sex change so they can become prostitutes because it's the only way to make a living) and of the many other countries that have child sex abuse problems (including some Caribbean countries) Go here:

So what I'm questioning here is this.

From: The Smoking

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly whined about "very nasty stuff on the Internet about Jackson himself." (an accused diddler of children) Noting that it would be "unfair and immoral to try this case on television

Now for someone that is trying to connect the Good Doctor (Ron Paul) to a child molestation , (trying to make him look bad with his insinuations) you wouldn't expect O'Reilly to leap to the defense of Jackson, who (it has been said) prefers the company of little boys.

Now I realize that the pair of them have something in common: (they both seam to know how to make lurid sex lawsuits disappear with a wave of their check book)

But the million $$ question here is:

Is that all O'Reilly and Jackson have in common?

By his own admission (Based on the extensive quotations cited in the 22 page complaint from, The Smoking and I quote "informed Plaintiff Anndrea Mackris that he was watching a porn movie and babbled perversely regarding his fantasies concerning Caribbean Vacations" 

Now I don't know if he ever went to Thailand (I didn't look that far into the smut on this guy) but it does mention it in the 22 page complaint, according to The Smoking documents. and if he went to sex shows in Thailand then... you know... what else could have he done there in the sex capital of the world when the sex show was over???

"Caribbean Shower Fantasies, Thailand sex shows, whining about it being unfair and immoral to try Jackson (an accused child molester) on nation wide TV."

Remember this is the same guy that is trying to make Ron Paul look bad by trying to connect him to child molestation with his insinuations and yet he is sticking up for some one that has actually been charged with child molestation? and reportedly frequenting places in the world that are at the very least questionable!....Now I'm not saying Bill O'Reilly is into this kind of sick perverted shit ......I'm just saying......If you connect all the dot's, and think about it, you can make up your own mind and decide what you think?

I have my own opinion of Bill O'Reilly, but I'll keep them to my self:)


Up Date: Now I didn't make this shit up it's out there on the net, and it just adds more food for thought. (no pun intended)"falafel" = is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans.

The Book the girl is holding....well....I'm not even going to go there! Other than, yes he did write it and no I'm not going to buy it... I just don't want to know what's inside!

Up Date:

I just spend an hour watching You-tube clips of this guy (I honestly didn't know who he was until just a little while ago, You see, I don't watch TV because I figured it out a long time ago that TV is what someone else wants you to see and hear and reading or looking things up on the Internet is what you want to see, read or hear, that being said) I'm telling you people, I understand now why this guy has such a big following, it's not because what he says is good, true, interesting or facts it's because he's hilarious! I haven't had this many laughs since I use to watch Red Skeleton when I was a kid!

When I referred to him as a clown at the top of this post I was dead nuts right on!

But now I'm really confused because now I don't understand why everyone gets so upset about him dragging people in the dirt?? Do your self a favor and go watch some of the clips on you-tube and then ask your self, does anything this guy says really mean anything to an intelligent person???

I do have to fess up though, I do watch, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (on the net) because he is funny and I mean really really funny! BUT (and I apologize for this Jon) I just might start watching Fox because after seeing some of the clips on this guy, I haven't laughed this hard in years!!!!
RColdguy, just my opinion but hey, I still get to have one in this country...well for now anyway.


Whatever Happened To The Bill O'Reilly/Andrea Mackris Sex Scandal?

Author: Daryl D — Published: Mar 06, 2007

BC Politics Premium

In October of 2004, the words “loofa” and “falafel” were mainstreamed into our sexual vocabulary. To the shock of some, and to the entertainment of millions, religious right wingnut Bill O'Reilly was accused of sexually harassing coworker Andrea Mackris with explicit phone conversations that were allegedly taped. Besides the use of loofas and falafels as sex objects, Bill O’Reilly had also revealed homoerotic desires to use vibrators on himself, fantasies of explicit Caribbean vacations, and a desire for Ms. Mackris to perform oral sex on him, but not finish. He also revealed some disturbing news about what Fox News was planning to do to Al Franken. To Bill O’Reilly’s enemies, this news was God sent.

The reason people were fascinated with this story is the same reason they are fascinated with Rush Limbaugh’s drug use, Matt Drudge’s allegedly gay affairs, and the penisification of underage boys by anti-gay activist and idolized Republican Mark Foley: we love exposing hypocrites! Bill O’Reilly has used his highly rated program, The O’Reilly Factor, to criticize sexuality in the media. His favorite targets have been rapper Ludacris, Janet Jackson, porn stars, and all the other “immoral” Hollywood stars. The only Hollywood star whom he constantly praises (or at least used to praise) is Mel Gibson, the director of the anti-Semitic Passion of the Christ. The fact that Mel Gibson was going to turn Bill O’Reilly’s soft-porn epic Those Who Trespass into a movie certainly helped.

On October 28, 2004, O'Reilly and Mackris reached an out of court settlement, and dropped all charges against each other. It was widely rumored that O’Reilly paid Mackris close to ten million dollars to “shut up” and destroy the tapes. The fact that the story disappeared from the media soon afterwards remains a mystery that people should question.

If the media was as liberal as conservatives claim it to be, this case would not have disappeared so quickly. Did O’Reilly pay media outlets to “shut up” just as he did with Andrea Mackris? Was the media too afraid to go after O’Reilly, who is given almost the same status of Jesus Christ among right wing fundamentalists? Did O’Reilly’s lawyers stop the media from doing any more damage? The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal lasted years after the hearings, which backfired on conservatives. Dan Rather is still dogged by his mistakes which happened two and a half years ago. Even though Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, the case still dogs him two years later. It seems quite odd that Bill O’Reilly’s matters suddenly “disappeared.”

Read more:

The Bill O’Reilly/Andrea Mackris scandal not only begs for questions about it’s “sudden” disappearance, but reveals, once again, how hypocritical and morally corrupt the right wing religious fanatics in this country are. Bill O’Reilly’s audience not only aggressively defended him, but maintained their viewership over the years. Fellow right wing pundit Michelle Malkin, who freaks out at the mention of the words “gay” or “sex,” didn’t issue any condemnation of Bill O’Reilly’s immoral behavior. Michael Savage, who was fired from MSNBC for wishing AIDS and death on a homosexual caller, seemed rather silent about the situation. Rush Limbaugh, who ended up being exposed as an illegal drug user after condemning illegal drug users, defended O’Reilly. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, and other darlings of the right wing didn’t issue any condemnation either. On October 21, 2004, the fiercely heterosexual Matt Drudge tried very hard to smear Andrea Mackris.

Even though Bill O’Reilly’s ratings are still high, his relevancy in the political world is arguably fading. He successfully served as the Joseph McCarthy of his time, as well as George W. Bush’s media protector. But even after he fades into history, the type of behavior he exhibited towards Andrea Mackris will continue unless both political parties condemn it.

Read more:

This is but one document from the sex scandal case.

Go here for the whole 22 pages:

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

Female coworker details lewd behavior of Fox News star


Kimberly Joseph said...

Here is my comment: Bill O'Reilly is one of the most well-known people in America, he is the most influential, by far, journalist on TV, he earns about $25 million per year and gives away about $5 million of it to charity. He single-handedly funds a school in Haiti, plus several other charities that help crime victims (especially women and children) and wounded soldiers. Meanwhile, you, my friend, are someone on a computer in a basement somewhere that I would never know existed had I not been looking up something about Bill O'Reilly.

R.Coldguy said...

Why you are attaching me and my basement "Kimberly" is beyond me? I just post what I perceive to be the truth from articles, news clips, videos and so on so forth from around the net. I'm 63 years old, have a clean criminal record, never done any harm to my fellow man. I've razed a good honest family (who in turn are razing good honest children) and I don't have anyone trying to connect me with any kind of sex abuse (child or other wise) I post on this blog (or take the time to) because I think people need to see the truth (or at least be able to find someone else opinion of what is true) So Kimberly, you watch people like Bill O'Reilly (if that's the world you want for your children) Me, I'm just going to keep posting what I believe to be the truth and let people decide for them self!

One World! One God! One Race!
The Human Race!!!
Standing together to make a better world,
For All Mankind!!!!

Love Always
Forever Peace


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